VM Lens

VM Lens

Anamorphic 1.5x

The easiest way to anamorphic footage.

VM Lens

Step down ring (40.5-34mm)

VM Lens is specially designed for a small sensor cameras,
Nikon V1/N1, Pentax Q, BMPCC and other



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Technical details

  • Compression ratio
    Anamorphic 1.5x (Focus fixed)
  • Coating
    Single coated glass
  • Filter diameter
  • Middle length
    2.5 meters (10-12 feet’s)
  • Can be focused with close up filter
    +1 to 1 meter distance
  • Works well using aperture
    From f4 to f16
  • Weight

How to mount VM Lens

  1. Easy mounting system -
    simply screw anamorphic on your camera lens,
    align in vertical position and fix with anamorphic lens Middle Ring.

  2. VM anamorphic lens mounting thread is 34mm.
    If your camera lens has different mounting thread,
    you can mount with adapters 37-34 step down ring, etc.